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A variety of Brazilian dishes to satisfy everyone.

Culture + Cuisine = A Great Dining  Experience

A view of local wine country in Buellton / Solvang area.

Fresh, wholesome, inviting and just right for any lifestyle

Within our own family we have vegetarian, pescatarian, and "anything goes" eaters, so we know the challenge of preparing meals to satisfy everyone.  Aly's Grill from Brazil was meant as a solution for the entire family to have not only choice, but variety, no matter their dietary preference. We cater to diverse eaters and offer multiple entrees for any type of diner to have a full and satisfying meal of their own portion size and selection. 

New beginnings for Aly, 
a fresh concept for the Santa Ynez community

As locals of the Santa Ynez Valley and innovators of Aly's by Alebru (formerly in Solvang) we, like many, were immensely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 having to close our beloved restaurant and shutdown with the rest of the world. 

During the pandemic, we found a new outlet for our love of cooking and culinary talents and began to offer support to local families with order-to-go meals cooked in our kitchen and boxed to be served at their home tables.  This sparked the idea of a new offering for the Santa Ynez community as the effects of the COVID pandemic dissipated - Aly's Grill from Brazil. 


This new concept in healthy, wholesome food finds it's roots in the Brazilian cuisine which was developed from Portuguese, African, Native American, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, and German influences.  Quite the fusion of cultures!

One can only imagine the variety of spices and cooking styles that the many regions of Brazil add to the mix. Aly's Grill from Brazil provides patrons a taste of all.

Earth to table fresh greens.
Satisfying Gluten Free, Vegan and Pescetarian eaters.
Satisfying Gluten Free, Vegan and Pescetarian eaters.
Satisfying Gluten Free, Vegan and Pescetarian eaters.
From our kitchen to your table.
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